Monday, July 27, 2009

Feelin' Crabby.

Literally. We cooked up some lovely pinky toes (which are a type of crab - apparently the tastiest) with some beers and watched the sun set.

While Lobsterman lost at yet another scratch ticket. Sigh.

A Glimpse.

This coming weekend is LungFest - a fantastic music fest that lasts all day. My Lobsterman will be singing and playing along with many other amazingly talented and cool people. Plus my best friend will be here. Since the countdown has begun it's been nonstop music and impromptu jam sessions in the house, like the one I caught here. I thought I was being sneaky but evidently they caught on.

(And please excuse the mess!)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


One of the many jobs I have on the island is waitressing here. The restaurant overlooks the water and you have to walk through a boat yard to get to it. It's the most popular restaurant on the island which means I make good tips every night. Which is probably why I've been there so often. My favorite meal is the surf and turf but my favorite order to take is popcorn shrimp because I like yelling "POP SHRIMP!" in the kitchen.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I've seen a lot here - but I just can't get over them.

Monday, July 20, 2009

On A Skiff.

Over the weekend Lobsterman and I went on a dinner cruise around the island on his Grandfather's old skiff. He had found a motor to use for it but I think we were only going about 5 m.p.h. It was nice to be at sea though our boat did feel a little puny compared to all the anchored summer people's fancy boats. I've never been a "boat" person (though oddly enough I've always had an attraction towards top siders) but it is now one of my favorite summer activities.

Getting the skiff up and running...(which took half the day)

I waited very patiently with provisions...

And finally - set adrift...

Hauling Season!

Lobsterman is officially out to sea - hauling up traps and catching lots of lobbys! I heard a scary scrambling in our refridgerator the other morning and when I opened the produce drawer, two LIVE lobsters were inside. Needless to say they did not receive names since they were gobbled up for dinner that night.

I Lied A Little.

Okay so I did take ONE little break to pick some wildflowers and drop off at the community center (people do things like that here). But how can I not share the wealth when pretty flowers like this grow naturally in my own yard? Alright - back to work.

Whoa K.

I am in major catch up mode after a weekend of sun and fun. Sigh. Now deadlines are creeping up on me and my desk is a disaster area - luckily I have two iced coffees to get me through the day. Fun, FUN posts soon - promise.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Miss You.

Today I wish my best friend was here. I've hung up a letter she wrote to me in our office. It's become a little corner of home - my favorite pillow's there and so is the afghan my Mom crocheted me for my birthday. I think I need a trip home soon!

Beach Babe.

I spent almost my entire weekend on the beach thanks to the beautiful weather that FINALLY has arrived. On Friday Lobsterman and I had a beach lunch cookout. As you can see by the photos, it's easy to find a beach on this island to have all to ourselves. I'm not a pro griller but Lobsterman is - he just digs a hole in the rocks, covers it with a grill and voila! We have hamburgers and sausage cooked in minutes. On Sunday there were lobster boat races which I did not attend - but I did get my very first lobster boat ride of the summer. It was the perfect night to be out on the water but I did feel quite ill Sunday night after so much sun and fresh air -- I think I'm still detoxing from my city days.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Fourth.

Fourth of July weekend was super fun because a) my best friends from NYC were here, b) we finally got sun, c) we beach bbq'ed and d) I got to show off how magical this place can be. Although I love this little island life, part of me feels a little empty at times without my friends and family here. I've always had the homesick bug growing up - but after such a great fourth I've felt recharged. Let the summer weather begin!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Few Minor Things.

There are so many little things that are different when living on an island. For example, we don't have garbage men. When our trash needs to be taken out, we can't just leave it curbside. Instead, we take weekly trips to the dump. Or...monthly.

(Yep. That's all our trash.)

Also, I can't get used to fishing gear and paint stuff and "hauling clothes" all over the house. Living with a man might be a challenge for some but living with a lobsterman is a whole other ball game.

(Yep. That's bait on the entryway table.)

Oh and uh, we find out about big events wayyyy after they happen. I learned of Michael Jackson's death via phone and just today learned about the NFL player that was killed by his girlfriend. Then again, maybe being unimmersed with the media is more of a good thing than a gripe.

Monday, July 6, 2009


After an amazing fourth of July weekend with some fabulous NYCers (pictures on that later) I'm off to the main land for the day to get some groceries, go to the bank and run some other errands. Now when I need to do simple domestic tasks, it involves taking a day off work and lots of planning. But it also turns them into an adventure, which isn't so bad.

A very welcome scene below - rain coats are hung up, boots are tossed aside. Finally - the sun is here!!!

(The paint stained items do not belong to me, in case you were wondering.)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Old Stuff.

One of the most endearing things about living on an island with a population of 300 is how old-fashioned everything feels. There are even relics in Lobsterman's house from better days...

His collection of Dundee marmalade jars that he retrieved from a bottle dump.

This baking powder that I found in the cabinet. It expired fifteen years ago.

Farine? Do they even make this anymore?