Friday, September 25, 2009


Pretty beach. Pretty man. Pretty lucky.

A Few Things.

How To Have An Amazing Island Wedding

1. Have a tent big enough for 300+ people and for dancing.

2. Fresh wildflowers everywhere you look.

3. Fabric pennants and chinese lanterns.

4. Thrifted plates and parchment paper tablecloths so guests can color.

5. Vintage glasses as take-homes on an amazing metal shelf. Both a display piece and a gift. Brilliant.

6. A lot of good food. Specifically an array of cheese.


One day I shall own a white house with a view like this on the island. Until then, I sneak onto summer people's properties to take in the beauty.


Wild blackberries are out! Lobsterman and I were able to fill up two solo cup's worth on an impromptu car ride. He knows all the good spots. Look at these babies!

Lobsterman goes deep into the woods to get to them.

I wait by the car mostly.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh. Hi.

I'm having major technical issues with this blog. But I am posting here still. So come visit me.

I have photos of picking blackberries, cooking lobsters on a beach and so much more. I hope to post them soon.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Historical Day.

Today my very best friend on this planet has moved to this little island with me and Lobsterman. IN THE SAME HOUSE! I have been anxious with excitement and she is finally here. Let the adventures begin!

Gosh I'm lucky.