Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How This All Began.

Last August I took my very first trip to Maine. My best friend had been coming for years. That magical outing brought lots of "firsts" in my life. My first motorcycle ride - my first ride in the back of a pick-up and most importantly - my first taste of life in Maine. As time passed, I came back in the fall to see the trees turn. I returned again at Halloween to see the harvest moon. After the holidays I came to trudge through the snow and I celebrated my birthday here when the snow began to melt. It should also be mentioned that the reason I kept returning (besides the fact that Maine is awesome) was because I fell in love with a lobsterman.

I made a very big decision to leave my friends, family and a job that I loved for a new life on a tiny island off the coast of Maine. Now I'm a big city girl on a very tiny island - trying to settle in to life.

I hope you'll visit this blog often to keep in touch with me - and to see how well I'm dealing with being a permanent resident of "vacationland".

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